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  • steel wire insert din8140
  • steel wire insert din8140
  • steel wire insert din8140
steel wire insert din8140steel wire insert din8140steel wire insert din8140

steel wire insert din8140-凯发官网入口

  • product description: steel thread sleeve is a new type of internal thread fastener, which is suitable for threaded connection. it is screwed into and fastened in the threaded hole of one of the connected parts to form a s
steel wire insert din8140

standard: din8140

standard: 304 stainless steel

steel wire 凯发官网入口-凯发网址-凯发真人 sleeve is a new type of internal thread fastener, which is suitable for thread connection, screw in and fasten in one of the threaded holes of the connected part to form standard internal thread, and screw (or screw) into it, also known as thread thread sleeve, or thread sleeve. it is a spring-shaped internal and external thread concentric body which is made of cold rolled diamond stainless steel wire with high strength, high precision and smooth surface. it is mainly used to strengthen and protect the internal thread of low strength material. the principle is to form elastic connection between screw and internal thread of the base, eliminate the error of thread manufacturing and improve the connection strength. the steel wire screw sleeve is embedded in the threaded holes of aluminum, magnesium alloy, cast iron, frp, plastic and other low-strength engineering materials, which can form high-precision internal thread in accordance with international standards, with high connection strength, anti-seismic, impact and wear resistance functions, and can disperse stress to protect the base thread, greatly prolong the service life of the matrix, and is widely used in electronic applications.

as a kind of fastener, the steel wire screw sleeve has obvious advantages over the common thread. it is mainly manifested in the following nine aspects:

1、 prolong service life: because the steel wire screw sleeve is stainless steel material, it has high hardness, which makes the life of the soft base parts thread increase by dozens to hundreds times; the strength of the device is increased, and the tripping and disorderly buckle phenomenon are avoided.

2、 reinforced thread connection strength: it can effectively enhance the connection strength of thread when applied to soft and low strength alloy materials such as aluminum magnesium. the maximum tensile strength of ordinary internal thread of aluminum profile is 1394n, while the minimum tensile strength of the internal thread of pre installed steel wire sleeve can reach 2100 n.

3、 increase the force surface: it can be used for thin body parts requiring strong connection but not increasing the diameter of screw hole.

4、 improve the connection conditions and increase the bearing capacity and fatigue strength of the screw connection: because the steel wire screw sleeve is an elastic fastener, the use of the steel wire screw sleeve can eliminate the pitch and tooth type deviation between the screw and the screw hole, and make the load evenly distributed, thus improving the bearing capacity and fatigue resistance strength of the screw connection.

5、 rust proof: the characteristics of the steel wire screw sleeve material and its surface are extremely smooth. it is used in the humid and corrosive environment, and the matching base will not rust, thus avoiding the loss of replacing the expensive matrix due to the rust of the screw hole. it can be used in chemical industry, aviation, military equipment and other occasions with high insurance coefficient.

6、 wear resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance: because of the high surface finish of steel wire screw sleeve, it can effectively reduce friction between internal and external threads. its material itself has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. it can be used in the parts that are often disassembled and installed and the screw holes are often rotated to extend their service life.

7、 anti seismic and anti loose: the special structure of the locking type screw sleeve can lock the screw in the screw hole in the strong vibration and impact environment, and it will not loosen, and its locking performance is better than other locking devices. it can be used in instruments, precise and expensive power equipment, as well as aerospace, aviation, military equipment and other occasions requiring high insurance coefficient.

8、 easy to repair: in case of thread processing error or repairing damaged internal thread, the steel wire screw sleeve can make the matrix die and return to life, and the original screw can be used, which is both quick and economical. for example, for example, diesel engine body, textile special parts, various aluminum parts, lathe tool table, etc. will be scrapped due to a screw hole damage. as long as it is re tapped and screw sleeve is installed, the waste parts will die and return to life.

9、 conversion: the conversion of metric system → → british system ← → international standard screw hole by using wire screw sleeve is very convenient, fast, economical and practical, and applicable to any import and export products.

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