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how to use stud bolt-凯发官网入口

how to use stud bolt

this kind of double head with self tapping 凯发官网入口-凯发网址-凯发真人 is generally used in furniture.

1. fix two nuts on the normal thread end and tighten them alternately. then screw the upper nut with a wrench and screw the self tapping screw into the matrix until it can not be screwed( this method is also used when this screw is screwed out, but the lower nut is screwed out with a wrench.)

2. then use two spanners to screw the nut in the opposite direction at the same time, loosen the nut, so that the two nuts can be backed out.

3. pass the fastener (generally with through hole) through the normal thread end, add gasket, and tighten the nut normally.


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