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eyebolt din580

in life and production, eyebolts are widely used, and there are many specifications and types of eyebolts, which can meet the needs of various fields. what i want to introduce to you today is the eyebolt. the eyebolt is made by warm quenching and polished by various processes, so its surface is more corrosion-resistant. its strength is 20 times that of ordinary 凯发官网入口-凯发网址-凯发真人s. it is mainly used for locking steel wire, steel pipe and combination of various machines. then let's introduce the eyebolt carefully to see how it is and what specifications and standards it has.

strength standard of eyebolt

the eyebolt can bear 2.5 times of high strength overload. it has been subjected to 20000 fatigue tests under 1.5 times of working load. the eyebolts still meet or even exceed the requirements of asme b30.26. most of the eyebolts are made of alloy steel, and then manufactured according to the german rud wbg type. products can be sold all over the world, but need to pass the local g80 standard inspection. in china, the tension of domestic eyebolt is higher than that of ordinary eyebolt. the test of eyebolt must be operated by professional personnel, and please refer to the operation instructions. when connecting with the spreader, the connecting part between the spreader and the eyebolt should rotate freely.

use of eyebolt

eyebolts have high strength and corrosion resistance, so they are widely used in port, shipbuilding, petrochemical, mining, construction, automobile manufacturing, plastic machinery, industrial control, highway, large transportation, marine rescue, marine engineering, airport construction, bridge, aviation and other fields.

specification of eyebolt

there are many kinds of lifting ring screws, and the specifications used in the market are as follows

m8x1.25-6g, thread length: 12mm, working tension: 0.4t, product weight: 0.27kg/piece

2. m10x1.25-6g, thread length: 19mm, working tension: 0.5t, product weight: 0.27kg/piece

3. m12x1.75-6g, thread length: 19.1mm, working tension: 1.05t, product weight: 1.2kg/piece

4. m14x2.0-6g, thread length: 31.8mm, working tension: 1.15t, product weight: 1.2kg/piece

5. m16x2.0-6g, thread length: 31.8mm, working tension: 1.9t, product weight: 1.2kg/piece

6. m20x2.5-6g, thread length: 38.1mm, working tension: 2.15t, product weight: 2.21kg/piece

m22x2.5-6g, thread length: 38.1mm, working tension: 2.25t, product weight: 2.21kg/piece

8. m24x3.0-6g, thread length: 38.1mm, working tension: 4.2t, product weight: 2.21kg/piece

m30x3.5-6g, thread length: 50mm, working tension: 5t, product weight: 3.86kg/piece

m33x4.0-6g, thread length: 50mm, working tension: 7t, product weight: 3.86kg/piece

after the above introduction, we can not only understand the standards and specifications of eyebolts, but also know that they are widely used. that's right. as a kind of screw with very high strength, how could it be without him in production and processing. the most gratifying thing is that there are many specifications, which can meet the needs of different fields, even if there is no applicable specification. it can also be customized, and its processing method is very convenient.

zhuhai jiali hardware has successfully cooperated with many enterprises to provide all kinds of high-quality 凯发官网入口-凯发网址-凯发真人s; lifting ring screw, lifting ring nut, hot-dip galvanized high-strength bolt, ordinary screw and other macao fastener engineering projects, the main projects are macao metro project and macao building decoration screw, imported materials, complete specifications, super long and super short specifications are in stock, welcome to inquire.

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